About Me and my Others

Hi there. My name is Evon but i’m better known as Noexlupus Ghostpaw in the many worlds of Larp. This is the place to be for all type of larps, cosplays, character creation, tutorials and more.

Mundane Story

To start, my name is Evon Ellington. Currently, I live in beautiful tropical Guyana located in South America. I am a single mother to a beautiful daughter. I am currently working as a self taught graphic animator and  video editor along with writing as a full time blogger. I’m IMG_1209an avid social media tycoon with multiple interaction platforms of various kinds.

I have traveled many places like Egypt and Costa Rica along with countless road-trips throughout the U.S.

My interests and passions  include tea, adventures, organic food, environment friendly interactions,  horseback riding, swimming, camping, sewing, working out, cooking, crafting, fashion, business and more.

For many years I was a LARPer and created fantasy style clothing and monster costumes. I will talk more about that later though.  I believe my style of life is 100% unique and shall continue to be that way

Larp Story

548655_378960012179625_808575244_nWell I have been a larper for 7 years. My main reason for starting this blog is to reach out and help the Larp community any ways I can. I have just see so much growth over the last few years I feel like it’s time to jump on an amazing opportunity to reach out and help continue the progress.

Larp has just been such a major impact on my life and has been amazing through and through. Of course there is ups and downs but that is with everything you get into. For example, over the years I have made and lost friends but then I have also learned a whole bunch of skills that not only help in game but in the real world as well.

Therefore, I have commandeered this space to allow others to join me in the best of adventuring.


Click—–>Intro to Larp<—-Click

Or if you are already in a Larp and a beginner look below.

Click—–>Character Creation for Beginners<—-Click

Meet my Characters

Noexlupus Ghostpaw

The first character I have ever made and still currently playing. Noex has developed over the years into a wander character. She mostly takes the form of a feline. Ears and tail are mostly always present. She loves nature and loves to help people. Here sense of style is very bright and covered in bells. She loves to collect fabrics and other pieces that she adds to her outfits. She wants to become a huge help in the community but every time the sun passes to many times the urge to wander takes her again. She doesn’t know what she is looking for. She just knows that she needs to keep going.

Age:24   Race:Werecat Location:Nomad   Specialty: Sewing   Favorite: fashion

Serephina Kestrella Tallow

1233633_10200804660051486_341686341_nMy merchant character. After Noexlupus she is my longest playing character. I created her for when I am not doing fantasy events or likewise doing any type of in game selling. She is a very fun character.

Bold, blunt, rowdy at times and kind but is able to sell your own shoes back to you. She loves money and will sell you anything. She even collects random trinkets and keeps them on her to sell when on the road. Her style is very gypsy like with bright colors, lots of fabric, bells and shiny things.


Age:35   Race:unknown   Location:Nomad   Specialty: Selling and cooking   Favorite:Journal


1437014294.noexlupus_11756483_10203174792689396_657017354_nA young satyr I created for an event in 2015. Pipquel is a mischievous creature. Loves to dance, sing and drink. She is a mix of mountain goat and snow leopard in print. Pip (for short) lives high in the mountains for the most part besides when she decides she needs some fun.

When she decides she need to go party she will descend from the mountains and proceed to do just that. Keeping Pip entertained means week long parties that leave the village asleep once she depart.

She is a very fun character that I hope to play more often.


Age: unknow    Race: Satyr   Location: Mountains   Specialty: singing   Favorites: earrings




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