Larp Camping

What is Larp camping? Larp camping, at least what I would consider it, to be when you go to a Larp event that is longer then 1 day. There  are Larp event that can last up to a week long if you look hard enough. Most Larps have this opportunity of multi day game play and today I am going to help you out with what you should bring to a Larp event. This is a general post for players old and new.


Camping Basics


Now there are many different shelters you can bring to a larp event. Different Larps will tell you the specifics of what type of shelter is most appropriate for that Larp. Here is some of the most common types of shelters found.

  • Basic Camping tents. Found at any REI, Cabelas, Walmart or even a lucky find at the Goodwill.
  • A-frame or wedge tents. It usually is a 2 person tent that is in the shape of an A. This shelter can feature beautiful wooden carvings and is draped in a canvas material. One of the cheaper shelters that can pass for a period piece.
  • Medium size canvas tents, wall tent, circle tent and more. There are is a great variety when it come to the canvas tents people prefer to use for shelter.
  • Portable wooden shelters. These shelters can vary in size and are usually a lot more complex to put together bu they look amazing.

There is more but since this is just a general list I will be stopping here for now. If you have any questions or want to share pictures of your camp, you can send them to me here.


What to Pack

General list of mundane things to pack

  • Hiking bag
  • Toiletries + Toilet paper and towel
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Baby wipes
  • First aid
  • Hand sanitize
  • Fire starter
  • Sleeping bag
  • Shelter necessities + Hammer
  • Sleeping pad or cot
  • Clothing+extra socks and underwear
  • Sewing kit
  • Sheets/blankets
  • Pillow
  • Air mattress/sleeping pad/cot/tarp
  • Air pump
  • Repair kit for air mattress
  • Bags for storage, trash, wet things
  • Shoes/Boots fit for the terrain

Note-Keep all small items in a separate bag. Important things like medication and injection items should be close on hand or easily accessible.


  • Batteries
  • Extra footwear
  • Flashlight(to have on hand just in case. Not recommended for heavy immersion games) Lantern which can be made more period by having a custom container.10440726_10202616657310285_4882016530974759889_n.jpg

Larp Items

  • Larp Make-up
  • Outfits
  • Character props
  • Sewing kit
  • Weapons
  • Container. Can be wooden or plastic. If plastic bring along a printed blanket or plain cloth to cover. Can be made into a table if needed.
  • Weather appropriate clothing. Bring a cloak just in case it rains or gets cold.
  • Belts and pouches(important for on the go storage)


Now some Larps will cook for you, some will cook your dinner and lunch others you will have to fend for yourself. I have not yet been to a Larp where people were absolutely starving and not able to find food but here are a few things you can bring with you to make your own meals. If you have the space that is.

  • Off the ground pit. Most places that allow fire will ask for you to bring off the ground ones.
  • Fire wood. Please do not go into the forests and collect. It’s not recommended and all nature should be left where it falls.
  • Pot and pan. Only need the basic for soups or fried eggs. Cast iron is heavily recommended because of it’s intense durability and is period looking. Mind you it is heavy.
  • Cup. Wooden or pewter cups are recommended.
  • Bowl and utensils( you can find  period looking ones online or at an event for pretty cheap.
  • Would recommend non perishable items but a cooler covered by a cloth can provide an alternative for perishable food items.


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Well that is all for now. More to come soon.

If you have any questions, comments or requests please contact me via Remember to sign up for our emailing list to get all the first jumps on tib bits, give away opportunities, new items, raffles and more. Thank you for stopping by and take care.


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