DIY: Making Harpy Feet

Good day fellow nerds and more. Welcome to todays DIY about how to make some costume bird feet. These ones I made for a harpy but they can represent any avian feet or with a few tweaks some reptilian feet.

So to begin, what you will need for these feet.

  • 1 inch Foam
  • Old boots
  • 2, 1 1/2 yards of skin material and anything looking like scales. I used a very silvery fabric that was rough to the touch.
  • 1/2 yard of 2 inch fur fabric
  • 1/2 a pound of oven back clay
  • Glue gun + plenty of glue sticks

To start:

You will first cut off the heels to your boots. 1235993_406965116070294_133669286_n.jpg

Step 2:

You will need to start sculpting the foam.

Breanna Cooke Blog picture of her own harpy feet.

You want to glue two 1 inch pieces of foam and then sculpt 6 different fingers to the desired size.

Step 3:

Glue on your “fingers” then start adding strips of foam around them to build up and flesh out the feet.

Something I did differently that is not shown in this picture is I laid individual strips of foam to lift certain area’s. These area’s will later be covered in the scale material and painted with shadowing detail.

Step 4

1233355_406935942739878_992545567_n.jpgThis is where the feet start looking like feet. This is a bit different from how I believe others would do it but, anyways. I started by laying down my black fabric. I did the lay and cut method which i think makes for a cleaner finished result. I greatly recommend this method because of the added foam strips, you can lay and tuck to get a clean seamless fit.  Once the first layer dried and the feet looked  like it had a layer of skin, I laid out the “scale” fabric and had it cover where i believe the scales would cover.  I just eye balled this till it looked good to my liking.

Step 5

This is an easy step where I just cut some holes in the toes, sculpted then baked the claws and hot glued them into the ends of the toes.

Step 61234861_406965129403626_20352896_n.jpg

Last but not least I finished off the rest of the
boot with the fur.  I just cut a huge triangle
out and laid it up against the”foot”connecting the fur in the front.

To polish off the look I just painted with some black paint inside  the ridges to give them a very shadowed look.


Depending on the look you are going for you can add another finger to the side of the boot. This will create the more bird like illusion.

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