Beginners Guide to Sewing your First Dress

So today I will be showing you how to make a simple under dress. This pattern is made by me, and I’m not known for making very detailed patterns. I made this under dress for my daughter but the pattern is very simple so scaling it up to your size will not be a problem.


Two main pieces but you can add the triangle piece to add more volume to the skirt area.(sleeves are optional) 

pattern 2What you need for this project.

  1. Sewing machine or needle and thread
  2.  1 yard of fabric for 2 year old or enough fabric for you. (weather appropriate)
  3. Measuring tape
  4. Marking tool
  5. Scissors
  6. String
  7. needles or pin


  1. Pre-made button holes
  2. Child (just kidding but it is nice to have a little model)

Step 1

Cut out your pattern pieces. I recommend because this is such a simple pattern to fold your fabric in half and trace your half pattern into the fabric. Pictured belowpattern.jpg

Step 2

Cut pattern out.

Once cut out you can unfold and match up the pieces to their
corresponding corners. Pins are recommended to use here.

Step 3

Sew along outside. Marked in red below

sew along.jpg

There you go, now you have a simple undress that can go over a chemise or under whatever outwear you want to pair it with. But oh wait, how to get it on.

Fitting #1

Step 4

Adding the ties in the back. This is the reason I can’t really call it a chemise because chemises do not usually have ties.

So here I cheated a bit by cutting off button holes from another shirt. This is a bit of a DIY hack but if you want it to look more authentic, you can just cut slits and whip stitch the edges over and over again to get a nice clean button hole. (Period garb tutorial coming later)

To begin, I cut into what I wanted to be the back to make place for the strips. Then I just sewed them on.

Step 5

Last step and I only say that because it is easily forgotten is hem the dress. Period dresses where hemmed by hand, but I just used my sewing machine and did a simple fold over one lined hem. Rough edges add to the worn look along with the simple pattern. This pattern allows for a lot of wiggle room along with alterations. You can easily pair this dress with different outfits. Made of either a light material or a simple felt fabric this dress allows for multiple looks in different weathers.

Pictures of the finished project coming soon.

 Look out for Pt.2 Where I show you how to make an over coat for this dress.

dress 1.jpg

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