Intro to Larp

Welcome mundanes, beautiful damsels, handsome knights, ghoulish monsters and other worldly creatures. This is your intro to Larp.

I though this would be a great first post considering if you are not familiar with the term you probably have no idea what it is.

intro to larpSo to start, Larp stands for live action role play. Lets break it down.

Live-It takes place in real life and real time.

Action-Movement of the body, mind and soul.

Role-Why are you here, what are doing, who are you and furthermore.

Play-In the end it is a game. Rules of play and other conduct are to be taken with the same consideration as though you are in a drama play or playing a sport.

With that in mind…

Larp is such an amazing thing. If you read my about me page I have been an active larper for 7 years. I have participated in many Larps thus far and plan to continue my journey for however long I can. There is no limits to who can participate as long as you bring an open mind and a positive attitude. Most Larps require no specific kind of special skill set which allows even the youngest of adventures to take part.

Rosewood 2015, Amtgard, Washington State

Larp started when people were done playing with action figures and dice and just decided to make some fake weapons and hit each other. Eventually Larp evolved with rules being added and now there are many different Larps across the globe. All with their own individual rule sets and game play.

Example of a Larp Monster (photographer unknown)

There are Larps that are considered very focused on role play while others are just for the fighting. You have your in between and your far offs. There are Larps even inspired by popular stories like Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. There is such a vast amount to be discovered that choosing one or more shouldn’t be a problem.

Do take please note that not all Larps are about fantasy. There are steampunk Larps, medieval Larps, reenactments (which some people will not to admit to it being a Larp) and such.

Well that will be all for the intro to larp for today. There shall be more to come with more detailed posts on select topis.

If you have any questions, comments or requests please contact me via Remember to sign up for our emailing list to get all the first jumps on tib bits, give away opportunities, new items, raffles and more. 

Click below for more…


charcater 1.jpg
Character Creation


See you next time


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