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Story Intro

You are a lucky one. You seemed to have just stumbled upon a rare  personal journal containing many secrets of the different worlds unknown. It seems this book once belonged to the traveling merchant Serephina Kestrella Tallow, one of the most well traveled and documented multi-dimensional travelers.  To have this book in your hand means you now have access to so much information.

As you flip trough the heavy pages you see glimpses of many different costumes, lists, recipes and instructions to create other worldly faces.  This book will now become one of your greatest assets as you start along a newly chosen path.

Welcome to Serephina’s journal

This is a blog that shall contain all sorts of stories, costume designing, character creation tips and so much more. Here we cater to the other worldly people that do larp, cosplay or other costume needed activities. Read more about me in my about page or head strait over my blog to start exploring.

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